In 2001, Shannon and Anita Davidson moved from Switzerland to an empty cornfield in the middle of the beautiful Missouri countryside.

Anita, who is originally from Switzerland, had been in France and England in her young age, and loved the beauty of Provence and Camargue. The French lavender fields with their romantic, enchanted stone cottages inspired her to replicate the ambiance and bring Central Europe to Central America. Stone paths along purple lilacs and flower spikes make this wedding venue one of the most romantic and enchanted secret places you can find in Missouri, as Anita has poured many hours of labor manicuring and tending to it with the vision for A Secret Place to be a little paradise to celebrate the bond between a man and a woman in the beauty of God’s creation. 


Different kinds of events were hosted on the property for many years, with the first wedding being celebrated there in 2014.


The Bridal Cottage was The Davidsons' family home, where they raised their three children after moving to Missouri from the French part of Switzerland. When they built it, Anita envisioned the ancient stone houses that can be found in Provence (France) and French Switzerland. She just loved the look of ancient stone buildings, castles which were the dwellings of kings and queens hundreds of years ago. 

The Cottage displays her heritage as well as her own taste for contemporary furniture with a romantic and nostalgic  touch; and the gardens surrounding the house are inspired by French and English gardens.

The Cottage has three rooms and sleeps up to eight people. It's a welcoming and intimate setting for the bride and bridesmaids to spend the night before the wedding and get ready for the big day.